February 17, 2008

Ban Ki-Moon’s CIA and a communist US foreign policy and security analyst

“By the Korean people themselves” - “Using multinational terror agents”

An agent told me that one of the US foreign policy and security experts was a pro-Kim Jong-Il communist. That agent –Green Sturgeon- gave me the name of the US foreign policy and security analyst who was widely known as such –up to a certain degree-. The informing agent delivered such highly volatile information while posing himself as a person linked to CIA. Why did they give such dangerous and explosive information to a victim like me, whom they were planning to kidnap and murder in those turbulent times?

It is important to remember that the surgeon who once tried to use a prostitute in order to harm me had a very close collaborator. Both played their charade to harm and deceive me, to confuse my understanding about their objects and identities as agents who worked with diplomats for a long time. And the last time he made contact with me, Surgeon’s collaborator said that one of his relatives was a CIA’s high level responsible person stationed in Korea. Just like his fellow agent’s message meaning that “the CIA knows everything”, he finished by covering up his identity with the word “CIA”. I had no clear ideas about his real purpose. After his show with the word “CIA” he disappeared, and I never saw him again. He was heading to Seoul –not to Washington DC-. [On the other hand, the surgeon temporally served in the US.]

Quite successfully, Surgeon and collaborator made their charade, decorated with the word “CIA”, adjacent to diplomats and agents (KCIA) who secretly intoxicated me with narcotics after they failed in their plot to use US leading NATO in order to harm their target through political manipulation.

I received the Danish agent’s aggressive death threat, according to the cover-up plan of President Kim’s bio-terrorism committed at the heart of EU. In a cunning way, the Danish agent was identified as someone belonging to a European intelligence service.

[When I tried to retreat from Brussels, the Danish agent made contact with me. Through his collaborator’s words, he elaborated his parody as an agent of one of the European intelligence services. After president Kim’s bio-terrorist acts, I discovered President Kim Dae-Jung’s numerous Chinese (PRC) agents who collaborated with Ban Ki-moon’s diplomats coordinating the criminal procedure.

Such an astonishing act of bioterrorism –horrible crime which even tyrants do not dare to commit- took place under the control of diplomats who worked under the vice-minister -current UN Secretary General- Ban Ki-Moon. It is important to note that Ban’s diplomats employed methods used by Chinese bio-terrorists.]

When I moved to Brussels for a few days in 2001, the agents and diplomats under Han Seung-Soo’s control (and Ban Ki-moon’s) attempted to murder me at the church without any hesitation. During the day I had purchased an airline ticket and that same evening they tried to eliminate me. I could survive just by accident, thanks to people who came to visit the church. During my hunger strike, I immediately refused again their financial compensation proposal.

While I was barely surviving my hunger strike at Norcross, I received a phone call from a consul working under Ban Ki-Moon –current UN Secretary General- and Han Seung-Soo –current prime minister- (Norcross, Georgia July 10, 2001). I was supposed to expect a visit from a Danish agent and also from agent Jeon, the same one who had already threatened and tried to kill me. I was told that they would visit me in Atlanta –menace delivered in Brussels-. Two agents were working in the network under vice-minister class ambassador Choi Dae-Hwa, an ally of vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon for the burnt offering required by President Kim Dae-Jung.

The consul pretended not to know in which area I was staying –even though the place was adjacent to the core operational region for their routine activities, which I was not aware of at that time-.

At the same time, memories of the diplomats who had displayed such aggressiveness towards me even at the church and the Korean embassy made me wonder about the nature of the phone call I had just received from the consul.

[I remembered very especially Counselor Jung —diplomat and agent (KCIA)— who threatened me with his pistol inside the church; Presbyter Nho Gil-Sang —diplomat and bio-terrorist— who was standing by next to Counselor Jung at the time Jung was using his pistol; Diplomat Nho, who openly exhibited his satisfaction with a sly smile. I was threatened to death with a pistol inside the church! That shows indeed how maliciously they used the church.

Diplomat Jung displayed such nervous behavior at the Korean embassy while covering up the leakage of information concerning secret military missile development (2000, Brussels). It was indeed very surprising.]

It was a well-prepared Ban Ki-Moon’s approach to deliver his menace so that I remained silent during my hunger strike.

Ban Ki Moon and Minister Han Seung-Soo knew very well the actual true meaning of my hunger strike, the one that I had started at the church where vice-minister Ban’s diplomats tried to murder me. In order to bend my resistance, break my will, make me silent and obedient, they chose to menace the safety of my family. [Once one of the agents delivered a specific message that my standing for justice would only make the situation more dangerous for me.] The harming intention manifested by the minister’s diplomat was on the same line of aggression already initiated against me by diplomat Jung.

According to the manners they used –as I expected-, their visit during my hunger strike was not designed for my safety or my welfare. Just like a diplomat had menaced me in a cunning way at the church during my first hunger strike, they were again displaying hostility and acting belligerently against me.

What he delivered was a death threat using the name of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (who was under the influence of Minister Han Seung-Soo —the rotating U.N. presidency for the Republic of Korea— and Ban Ki-Moon —Korean ambassador to the United Nations, 2001-2002, South Korea's vice minister of foreign affairs and trade, 2000-2001—.)

The consul told me that he was following orders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Afterwards he confirmed that their activities and death threats were ordered by the above mentioned –Ambassador Yang Sung-Chul, Minister Han Seung-Soo and his close collaborator ex-vice minister Ban Ki-Moon.

During the actual threat, the consul made clear who the agents in contact with me were. The intentional revelation of the names of those who were moving against me was not the first. During the menace in Brussels, agent Green Sturgeon had also informed me the names of some of the agents and related persons at Seoul. The disclosure of those accomplices working against was of no help to me. It meant primarily a power show, just the display of their omnipresence and omnipotence over me. [I still do not know the reason why the consul actually revealed the identity of his secret henchmen, but his words confirmed the presence of Ban Ki-Moon’s agents moving around me. Indeed, my retreat from Brussels was meaningless.]

I have often confronted known and unknown criminals from diverse origins. [In the past I had to deal with multinational terror agents, including Algerian, Chinese (PRC), Danish and Turkish.] From time to time it was not surprising to find an American citizen among them –he confirmed it himself-. He was just one more agent reflecting President Kim and his colleagues’ mean intentions and omnipresence. It didn’t seem strange to find another one who displayed himself as an American in the network of Ban Ki-Moon.

[In Seoul I met a well-disguised agent who kindly informed me about the general aspects of the criminal working mechanism. He generously explained to me that even the smallest task was elaborated in full cooperation between army, police and the authorities concerned. It was a surprising menace that had been already well exhibited in Brussels.]

The henchman who came with the consul worked together with agent Popeye II. [It was known just before 9/11.]

Popeye II was one of the Consul General Cho Jung-Pyo's tentacles who approached me precisely when many Koreans were trying to help me. At that time I accidentally knew that Popeye was someone working with the consul’s henchman. In other words, President Kim’s terrorist network is composed of a visible part –such as diplomats- and an invisible part –such as Popeye and the American henchman.

The consul was following orders from the Ambassador in Washington DC, and the Ambassador himself was under Minister Han Seung-Soo’s control. The latter was helped by ex-vice-minister Ban, the same one who tried to eliminate me in EU. This is their visible part.

The invisible part of the terror network is more complex. An example of a hidden agent is the person who described the Republican Party as a communist party.

The consul confirmed to me that President Kim’s terrorist agents were placed very near and that they operated against me.

By doing so, he told to me the area in which they were performing their illegal activities in disguise. I was not surprised at all. They were committing diverse political crimes and terrorist activities by using women trained in bio-terrorism — While they promoted the idea of “by-the-Korean-people-themselves,” they were actually mobilizing multinational terrorist agents in order to murder a citizen. —.

There was no reason at all to expect legal, humane and just activities.

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and also the city where the US foreign policy and security analyst in question is based.

It was not a very surprising development. Both Brussels and Washington DC were very important cites from their point of view.

Ban Ki-Moon became Korean ambassador to the United Nations in May 2001. Han Seung-Soo became Minister of the Foreign Affairs and the President of the UN 56th General Assembly in 2001. One of their terrorist agents operating near the White House in Washington DC found himself operating in the Los Angeles area and applied for US permanent residency. Agent Moon —one of vice-minister Ban Ki-Moon’s workers who operated in Brussels— wrote about his own criminal activities. [He was not afraid of revealing his identity as a terrorist agent.] He even remarked that his activity in the US was a lot more comfortable than the one he had previously performed in the EU. Agent Moon’s activities were located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC and many cities in the EU.

Highly ranked officials such as US diplomats –and those equivalents- stationed in Korea used the term “big brother” paying respect to the mysterious person –chief- with whom they had to keep in contact. What kind of relationship they have between themselves is unknown. Agent Sturgeon named also a very high level politician who was related to the “big brother”.

Big Brother’s operation range covers from Hawaii to eastern US, including Washington DC. [The Danish agent also told me –with pride- about the vast area where he was working.] The information that agent Sturgeon was trying to deliver meant “CIA knows everything.” He was trying to scare me.

Agent Sturgeon said that the Big Brother in question was someone in close contact with the US foreign policy and security analysis department—someone he referred to as a pro North Korean communist—.

As I described earlier, agent Sturgeon was protected by diplomat Jung —KCIA agent—. In due time, diplomat Jung tried to silence me regarding agent Sturgeon’s activities by menacing the safety of my family in Seoul, Korea.

An agent told me that one of the US foreign policy and security analysts was a pro-Kim communist. That agent –Green Sturgeon- gave me the name of the US foreign policy and security analyst who was widely known as such –up to a certain degree-. The informing agent delivered such highly volatile information while posing himself as a person linked to CIA. It appeared again. [Agent Sturgeon often said about Kim Jong-Il’s tactics by using the word “into the fog”. His gesture and words intended to drag into the fog they prepared.]

Among other phrases, he emphasized that they kept in contact with those high authority agents, including the foreign policy and security analyst. If they were CIA, that would be normal –not surprising-. But it worries me that they worked with those who tried to harm me by using US leading NATO and by using narcotics. [After this development and the failure of the kidnapping and murder attempts, they tried to silence me by means of horrible bio-terrorist acts]

Why did those agents deliver such volatile information to a victim whom they branded a pro-Kim Il-Sung communist? Why did they intentionally reveal the names of their agents and their activities –from Hawaii to Oregon and up to Washington DC?

Later on, Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats deliberately gave information concerning President Kim Dae-Jung. They said that the President had illegally transferred a large amount of dollars to Kim Jong-Il (Kim Jung-Il), while they were strongly promoting the Sunshine Policy towards Kim Jong-Il and attempting their “burnt offering” for President Kim Dae-Jung by murdering a citizen -after branding him an extreme rightist-.

[For several years the President has been denying any illegal transfer of money. Diplomats and thugs under the control of Ban Ki-Moon -who is currently in the position of UN Secretary General- knew very well about President Kim's illegal draft to Kim Jong-Il in Brussels (2000, EU). Years later some of President Kim's men were imprisoned and an influential businessman died during the probe.

President Kim, who received the Nobel Peace Prize, has never acknowledged his terrorist activity, organized and committed in Brussels and Atlanta, in the same way he has denied his secret, illegal transfer of a large amount of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. Such corrupt practices of covering up crimes and terrorist acts —money, women and narcotics were their way of working— should not be coming from a person who has received a Nobel Peace Prize. But they are.]

Due to Kim Jong-Il’s nuclear weapons program and massive conventional military projections concentrated so near the highly populated area of Seoul, high tension arose between US and Kim Jong-Il’s military forces.

Later on Kim Jong-Il confirmed an enriched uranium program for use in nuclear weapons. On April 24, 2003, Kim Jong-Il’s negotiator finally acknowledged in Beijing that they made nuclear weapons.

In the end, Kim Jong-Il conducted and announced an underground nuclear explosive test on October 16, 2006.

President Kim Dae-Jung and his men –such as Ban Ki-Moon- who delivered a huge sum of money to Kim Jong-Il are often in contact with US presidents, politicians and high level US government officials with whom they work together. Why didn’t they contact them for the provision of such volatile information? Why did they instead deliver such dangerous and volatile information to a victim like me, whom they were planning to kidnap and murder in those turbulent times?

After the failure of the diplomat’s sly plot to harm me by using US leading NATO at the military base at Mons (Southern Belgium), they persistently branded me a communist. In Norcross –Georgia- they even pretended that the US Republican Party was a communist party. It is important to understand the meaning of the words communism and communist that they were using.

Those diplomats and agents threatened me for a long time so that I didn’t mention to anybody the criminal activity they were performing at the heart of EU.


by-the-Korean-people-themselves often they promote
love to use foreign agents and women to harm and murder
love to perfuse their activities with the word “CIA”

When I returned to Seoul I could localize one of the agents who had tried to harm me together with Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats in Brussels. He was operating between Atlanta and Washington DC. I do not know much of their whereabouts…

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