Champagne and Terrorism - Ban's human rights oppression and crime protection

After the Nobel peace prize was awarded to President Kim, Ban’s diplomats and criminals at Brussels already knew about those huge illegal transfers of dollars to Kim Jong-Il and delivered that secret information to me at café Nemrod. The reason why UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon decided to inform me of such secret and dangerous information concerning the illegal transfer of large sums of dollars to Kim Jong-Il should be better explained by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at UN. Sept. 04, 2007

President Roh Moo-Hyun "Will not Accommodate Terror No Matter What" June 29, 2004

"The act of harming civilians shall not be tolerated." President Moo-Hyun Roh’s speech to the nation "Determined Response Against Terror". June 23, 2004

June 16, 2006, Ban

June 21, 2006, Ban

June 30, 2006, Ban

Secretary General Mr. Ban, he may be trying to launder his agents’ crimes and terrorist acts, disguising them with flying colours and using foreigner contractors —including Arab, Chinese and others—, but his efforts cannot change the fact that President Kim and UN Secretary General Ban have been and are still orchestrating criminal and terror activities. (Sept. 04, 2007, 100th)

Oct. 17, 2006

President George W. Bush talks with United Nations Secretary-General Designate Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of Korea Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006, at the White House. White House photo by Eric Draper

Using policemen as expendables in order to cover-up president Kim and Ban’s crimes is not acceptable. They do not have the right to sacrifice subordinate personnel in order to accomplish their transgressions, and that limitation persists even if they are the President and the incumbent UN Secretary General. In front of President Roh Moo-Hyun’s Blue House - 100th, Sept. 04, 2007

President Roh Moo-hyun’s policemen who have exerted violence upon me —battery— are now sanctioning me with a fine, accusing me of an aggression I did not commit, fabricating a false charge. [What really happened is that I was attacked from behind by two policemen. They destroyed a camera in order to cover up their misconduct. I received a notice from the Court of Justice telling me that I have to pay about $700 or go to jail. That’s the kind of justice we all have to confront. To them, it is clear that I must be the attacker, and if I do not pay the fine, I will be imprisoned for two weeks. That’s how a victim of police violence —a survivor of state-sponsored terror acts— is now suffering repression under the pretext of enforcing the law —enforcement that they themselves control, and by precisely the same agents who keep on attacking me with their evil powers!—. This is corrupt justice that facilitates the state-sponsored terrorism and cover-up for those criminal activities. January 8, 2008.

They often say that the economy/money is everything. They did not hesitate to threaten me, in order to prevent the revelation of the truth contained in the video file which survived in their effort to destroy it. Again, they made their arson threat. They added that I will be seriously punished. It is important to remind that they have already carried out arson attacks. January 14, 2008

e Mail to President Roh Moo-Hyun    

Ban hopes to celebrate again later this year when the new secretary-general is chosen.

“I will abolish the intelligence agency which is the headquarter of such intelligence politics and dark politics.” Kim Dae-Jung

To President elect Mr. Lee Myung-Bak, Lee Hoi-Chang and former GNP (Hannara) chairwoman Park Geun-Hye.

LIBER DEUTERONOMII, 22, 1 Non videbis bovem fratris tui aut ovem errantem et praeteribis, sed reduces fratri tuo; 2 si autem non est prope frater tuus nec nosti eum, duces in domum tuam, et erunt apud te quamdiu quaerat ea frater tuus et recipiat.

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